the band

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Chase - Guitar

chase's first band experiences were in Mitchell County NC with the Bowman Middle School and Mitchell High School bands as a saxophone player. While in high school he started a rock band, "Void", and played as a bassist and formed another band "TopSoil". Chase began writing poetry while in middle school and during high school those poems began to take shape as song lyrics. He also began using computer programs to experiment with song arranging. In college he majored in saxophone/music industry. Rooming with longtime friend Richie his second year the two started playing togther and did a few gigs on campus. Later that same year Chase met up with now LG bassist Keith McQuarrie while performing in saxophone studio. Chase has been developing skills in the recording arts for the past two and a half yeah recording Loafers Glory and now other artists for upcoming compilation CD for SAID Records.

"My main focus in this band is to create music which feels good, puts on a great live show, and tests all of our musicalto wherever it takes us to."

Main influences: Paul McCartney, Billy Corgan, Jim Adkins, and Eric Clapton.

Band Influences: Smashing Pumpkins, The Beatles, Jimmy Eat World, Archers of Loaf, Live, Pink Floyd, and The Appleseed Cast.

Amp: JCM 900 Dual Reverb

Guitars: 2001 Fender Standard Stratocaster, 1988 Gibson Les Paul Custom Lite, 2002 Sigma TB-1

Acc: Boss Delay, Chromatic Tuner, and Octaver; Ibanex Flanger; Dunlop Crybaby; Seymore Duncan Pickup Booster; .88mm picks; 10-52 Ernie Balls

Matt - Guitar

Before joining I had mixed feelings about the band. I was currently playing in a band but was really wanting to play with LG. By listening to them a few times I liked what they were doing and even mentioned to Chase (though he probably doesn't remember) on several occations that if they needed a Bassist or Vocalist/Guitarist to give me a call. Finally one day I was surprised to come home and find Keith waiting for me at my doorstep. He said that they were looking for a guitarist and was wondering if I was interested. "Hell Yeah" I think was my exact response. After joining I found out that we shared a couple of the same influences such as Jimmy Eat World. With me I brought in a couple of new influences. Nickleback, 3 dorrs down, Metallica, and Trapt are a few of the bands that I love and style my writing after. I don't have a lot of music in my family's backgroundbut what I do have has been significant in my musical career. My mom was a pianist in her younger years but never carried anyhting out as far as being heard in public. My dad plays bass and has made it his career as well. He has pplaed both lcoally and has gone as far as Nashville. Saddie Tramp and Deepsouth were a couple of his local bands but his real "claim tofame" is when he joined Billy Joe Royal and the Rockets in the mid 90's. He played with them for several years then retired from them and moved back home to Waynesville, NC. Currently he is playing with The Lawmen who are out of Asheville and play at conventions for the Norfolk Southern Railroad company. So really I guess my biggest influence is my Dad.

What I want in life is to be able to make a living playing music no matter where it takes me. With Loafers Glory I feel that we have the potential to go far. Richie on drums, Keith on bass and Chase and myself on guitar and vocals...all I have to say is....LOOK OUT!!!

Amp: Crate 2 X 12 modelling amp

Guitar: Fender Standard Strat

Keith - Bass

Born Sptember 12th, 1982, Keith grew up in a small country town in South Carolina. From and early age he was interested in the playing and performing of music, as well as the entrepreneurship world. He officially started playing music by taking piano lessons in elementary school, but decided that piano was not for him and gave it up for the saxophone in middle school. In high school he joined marching band and jazz band on baritone saxophone, where he developed a talent for jazz improvisation and enjoyed playing heavy funk bass lines. In 1998 he and his family moved to North Carolina where he attended East Gaston High School. He furthered his musical abilities on saxophone by making all district bands in 1999 and 2000, as well as all state band in 2000. He continued to enjoy jazz improv through East Gaston and into his time at Western Carolina University, where he met Chase Slagle.

Chase mentioned that he was starting a new musical project but they couldn't find a bass player, Keith knew he hadn't had much experience playing bass guitar. In fact, he didn't even own one, but was still confident in his abilities and volunteered to take the role. Today, almost 3 years later, Keith is still the bass player for that musical project, the project we all know now as Loafers Glory. Keith is a Music Education major at WCU, where he plays baritone in the marching and pep bands, tenor sax in the jazz band and Catamount Chamber Singers, alto sax in the symphony band, and other solo work also on the alto sax. He has also been known to pick up a tuba, flute, or clarinet from time to time. Keith's a brother of Kappa Kappa Psi, an honorary music fraternity and he also serves as an officer in the marching band. He enjoys music (of course), business, cars, and driving them.

Musical Influences: Metallica, Blink- 182, AC/DC, Stevie Ray Vaugn, Incubus, Green Day, Guarter to Nine, Guns and Roses, New Found Glory, Ozzy Osbourne, Disturbed, Rage, The Black Crows, and The Offspring.

Amp: SWR Workingman 15

Guitar: Black LTD 5-string bass, various P-Basses

Richie - Drums

Richie began playing violin by Suzuki method when he was five years old. Several years later, the Suzuki teacher moved away, so he began playing fiddle music, taught by a local teacher. In middle school, Richie signed up for bandand chose snare because he had always been in terested in drums. He continued band at Mitchell High where he learned to play every drum and several things that just looked as if they would make a nice noise when they were hit. Richie's Parentshave always been very supportive of his love for music so one summer they sent him to attend Cannon Music Camp, which focused on classical music and introduced hiim to a higher level of playing. the next year, Richie began playing the drum set in Mitchell's pep band and fell in love with the set's energy and variation. His grandmother gave him a drum set and he practiced it for hours a day to the annoyance of parents and neighbors. In college he played in the Wake Forest band, the Jazz band, and in a band with some friends on his hall. Having a drum set in the dorm caused several problems and after being written up a few times, a djembe substituted for the set. Richie left Wake and began attending Western Carolina University, where he roomed with Chase Slagle.

Musical Influences: Sunny Day Real Estate, Appleseed Cast, Archers of Loaf, The Cure, Elliot, Thursday, Mike Garrigan, Ruch, and many others.

Kit: ALL-BLACK Pearl Export Series Annversary Edition

Cymbals of choice: Ziljian

Sticks of choice: Pro-mark Japanese Oak