Local band links

Cubecutter - A group of talented and promising guys hailing from Cullowhee.

The Fits and Starts - Another local hero in punk rock

Short Fiction - A cutting edge punk group from right here in Cullowhee

Quartertonine - Our friend Casey's new band, check these guys out, they put on a damn good show.

Bixler - A group that hails from Nashville that we had the priveledge to play with. Great album!

Second Saturday - A great band that we met from Nashville, TN.

Judah First - A highly spirited Christian band from TN. GREAT fellas!

Undone - Andy's new campus-based band, check 'em out!

Quietzine- Local E-zine for the masses. As well as our Webhost!

Karrtunz - the newest and best venue in the Sylvawhee area!


Other cool bands we like

Jimmy Eat World's official site

The Appleseed Cast official site

The Archers of Loaf official site

The Smashing Pumpkins official site

Blink-182's official site

Green Day's official site

Box Car Racer's official site


Other links

SAID Records - Our new local label

Slab Music online

Epiphone / Gibson Musical Instruments

Fender Musical Instruments

Marshall Amplifiers

Cool Edit Pro (our recording software)

Western Carolina University yay for school!

Killfrog (funny)