Wednesday, December 15, 2004
‡ New Presskits

Hey lotsa news for you.
First of all, we have someone heading up our new fanclub (new and improved), her name is Poly, so if you make your way to the message board, you'll be welcomed and signed up for our fan club newsletter. They're also working on heading up our merch table.

Best of all yet, we've got a new presskit that's been sent out to about 15 clubs, so we may be seeing some nice clubs in the near future. That's about right now, we're be in touch!

Tuesday, November 30, 2004
‡ Vintertime

Hey folks, lots of exciting things coming about these coming show dates with Quarter to Nine, new venues, and possibly a new recording coming into effect soon. Anyways, looking to be working with a couple of guys about producing us...more on that later.
Anyhoo, vinter is in the aire. I could smell it in Raleigh this past weekend from Thanksgiving, ironic that it was, right after we ate our Thanksgiving dinner we headed out to get an x-mas tree. It was all over Raleigh though.
We wish to thank everyone at Karrtunz for giving it a damn good run. We'll miss you.

Monday, November 08, 2004
‡ Welcome!

Hey everyone, and welcome to the new site, hope everyone is doing well! For those of you who check the site with any regularity, we have totally changed our front page. Thanks to a old friend named Rob, we have a whole new look, be sure to drop him a line if you like the design! This month we're looking at playing a couple shows with quarter to Nine, our bro-band to the west, so come by if you get the chance. more later!
Without Wax,

Wednesday, November 03, 2004
‡ Welcome to the New Site

Just testing a few things, catching bugs, whatnot. Let me know if something's not working.

Upcoming Shows
‡ Nov 19 at 9pm @ The Shockwave
with Wheatstone Bridge

‡ Nov 24 at 9pm @ The Boro
with Quarter to Nine
The Band
The quartet has made a name for themselves as one of the hardest working bands in the Western Carolina University area. With an album's worth of new material already in the band's repertoire and three months with our new guitarist, the guys are ready to break loose with their new EP material this summer.

Loafers Glory, Loafers Glory, Loafer's Glory, Loafers Glory, Loafers Glory, Loafers, Glory, Loafers Glory, Loafers Glory, Loafer's Glory, Loafers Glory, Loafers Glory, Loafers, Glory